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Summer 2015: Leading the Way | 2014 Annual Report

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Past Editions:

Spring 2014: Where the World Comes to Get Back in the Game | 2013 Annual Report

  • Farther than the Eye Could See: Hollis G. Potter, MD
  • Engineering Advances in Orthopedic Surgery: Timothy M. Wright, PhD
  • Targeting New Therapies for Autoimmune Disease
  • Perioperative Medicine: A Model Program for Optimizing Patient Outcomes
  • Refining Robotics for the OR
  • Physician-Scientists: Strengthening the Link Between Research and Results
  • Patient Outcomes
  • Making a World of a Difference
  • Annual Report

You may also download the Horizon Spring 2014 .pdf

Spring 2013: I Chose HSS

  • Henry A. Backe, Jr., MD, Patient
  • Helene Ross, Patient
  • Michael Martell, Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Gary Henderson, Patient
  • Nicole Hoschuetzky, Patient
  • Near or Far - Patients Travel to HSS
  • David S. Levine, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Maria Olivo-Blanch, Patient
  • Vivian P. Bykerk, MD, Rheumatologist
  • Ekaterina Khmelnitskaya, MD, Orthopedic Resident
  • D'Qwell Jackson, Patient
  • Aldo Papone, Chairman Emeritus, HSS
  • Alessandra B. Pernis, MD, Scientist
  • Noah Bushlow, Patient
  • Gabrielle Kantrowitz, RN, Operating Room Nurse

You may also download the Horizon Spring 2013 pdf

Summer 2012: HSS is the Destination for Care

  • From Alaska to Hong Kong, HSS is the Destination for Care
  • Back on Course: Eric Blume flew from Hawaii to HSS for hip arthroscopy; now meet him in St. Louis
  • The Right Stuff: Jamie Lindsay came north from Virginia for knee replacement
  • The Picture of Health: Trauma surgery brought Maxime Heinsbroek from the Netherlands
  • Finding Hope at HSS: From Rhode Island to the island of Manhattan for Geri Guardino's spine surgery
  • Near or Far - Patients Travel to HSS
  • In the Swing of Things: From the Dominican Republic to HSS for shoulder surgery
  • Reaching the Summit: Jeffrey Benowitz traveled from Alaska to HSS for ankle repair
  • A New Road Taken: From Montreal to New York for elbow repair, revision, and reconstruction
  • Recovering in the Rockies: Hip surgery brought Katrina Handen from Colorado to HSS
  • Diving Right In: Anne Del Gaudio came from Florida to HSS for knee replacement
  • Trading Up: Sir David Li traveled from Hong Kong to HSS for hip replacement surgery
  • Now Hitting Her Stride, a Grateful Patient Honors Her Physicians
  • Peter D. Meltzer: Putting His Trust in HSS

You may also download the Horizon Summer 2012 pdf


Winter 2012: Spine Care Institute at Hospital for Special Surgery

  • Multiple Perspectives on Spine Care
  • Diagnosing a Spine Disorder
  • Treating Spine Disorders Without Surgery
  • A Guide to Spine Surgery
  • Advancing Spine Surgery with Science
  • A Vision to Behold: Chase and Stephanie Coleman MRI Center

You may also download the Horizon Winter 2012 pdf.


Spring 2011: Caring for the Working Artist

You may also download the Horizon Spring 2011 pdf.


Fall 2010: Step by Step: Innovations in Knee Surgery

  • Understanding Knee Surgery
  • Advances in Knee Replacement Surgery
  • When Circumstances Call for Custom Knees
  • The Case for Partial Knee Replacement
  • The Right Knee Surgery for the Right Patient
  • Jim Holubis: Taking the Right Steps
  • The Role of Arthroscopy
  • Improving Surgical Outcomes
  • Pursuing Research to Preserve the Joint
  • The F.M. Kirby Foundation: Supporting Innovations in Knee Research


Spring 2010: Caring for Patients with Osteoarthritis

  • Osteoarthritis: What We All Need to Know
  • Caring for Patients with Osteoarthritis
  • Can OA be Prevented?
  • Detecting the Earliest Signs
  • OA Treatment: The Conservative Approach
  • When is Surgery the Solution?
  • When OA Strikes the Spine
  • Promoting Successful Surgeries
  • The Vital Role of Rehabilitation
  • Helping Today and in the Future
  • Brochure on Services for Osteoarthritis

Learn more about the HSS Osteoarthritis Initiative.

You may also download the Horizon Spring 2010 pdf.


Fall 2009: HSS Pediatrics: Keeping Kids in the Swing of Things

Learn more about pediatrics at HSS.

You may also download the Horizon Fall 2009 pdf.


Spring 2009: Success in Sports – and Sports Medicine / 2008 Annual Report

You may also download the Horizon Spring 2009 pdf.

Winter 2009:
The Hand: Incredible Form, Extraordinary Function 

Spring 2008:
Restoring Lives: Extraordinary Care for Complex Cases
  • 2007 Annual Report
  • David H. Koch: Building on Excellence
  • Finance Report
  • Professional Staff, Management, and Volunteers
  • Contributing Friends
  • Officers and Board Members
  • Horizon Extra: Complex Cases, Exceptional Care

Winter 2008:
Comprehensive Care of the Hip: Ensuring a Lifetime of Mobility


Spring 2007:
Transforming Patient Care Through Science and Technology

  • Transforming Patient Care Through Science and Technology
  • 2006 Annual Report
  • Caring for Children in the 21st Century
  • A Lifetime of Philanthropy Endures
  • Horizon Extra: Lengthening Limbs One Millimeter at a Time

Winter 2007:
Focus on the Foot and Ankle



Spring 2006:
The Ties that Bind: HSS Health Professionals Team Up for Patient Care

  • HSS Health Professionals: The Ties That Bind
  • The HSS Team: Up Close and Personal
  • HSS Honors the Memory of Katherine Wilson: A Life Well-Served
  • 2005 Annual Report
  • A Lasting Impression

Winter 2006:
Focus on Total Care of the Spine



Spring 2005:
A Lifetime of Mobility

  • Achieving a Lifetime of Mobility
  • Generations on the Go: Freedom of Movement at Every Age
  • HSS Patients: Then and Now
  • Friends for Life: Ensuring the Future of HSS
  • 2004 Annual Report
  • The Gift of a Lifetime

Winter 2005:
Breakthroughs in Orthopedic Treatment: Minimally Invasive Surgery


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