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HealthConnection is Hospital for Special Surgery's patient education newsletter. HealthConnection has been published as a service to patients as well as the general public for more than 20 years. This newsletter provides practical information to help prevent and manage health conditions of an orthopedic or rheumatological nature.

Current Edition

In this Issue:

HealthConnection, Winter 2015 - Exercise Through the Ages Issue 
(download pdf)
  • Kids Will Be Kids: Dealing with Sports Injuries
  • ACL Tears: When to Treat, How to Prevent 
  • Eating Well at Every Age
  • Moving through Menopause 
  • Itís Never Too Late to Exercise! 

Past Editions:

HealthConnection, Summer 2014 - Research Issue 
(download pdf)
  • ABCs of Research, and How You Can Help
  • Engaging the Community Through Research
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Informed Consent... And Should Not Be Afraid to Ask
  • Researchers Assess Mobile Apps for Managing Chronic Pain
  • To Believe, or Not to Believe
  HealthConnection, Winter 2014 - Aging Well Issue 
(download pdf)
  • Aging and Your Body
  • How to Keep Moving as You Age
  • Eating Right in Midlife and Beyond: Challenges and Solutions
  • Feeling Squeezed? Help for the Sandwich Generation
  • Saving for the Future: Itís Never Too Late to Start!
  • Ready, Set, Surf! How to Find Credible Health Information on the Web

HealthConnection, Summer 2013 - Health & Wellness Issue 
(download pdf)
  • Finding Balance in Mind and Body
  • Stress: How to Name It, Claim It, and Control It
  • How To Keep Moving at Every Level of Fitness
  • Making Every Bite Count
  • When Falling Down Gets You Down... and How to Get Up Again
  • Brain Boosting 101: Well Body, Well Mind
  • Reaching Out: Making Connections for Wellness

HealthConnection, Winter 2012 - Bone Health Issue 
(download pdf)
  • Bone Health 101
  • When Itís Time to Treat Your Bones
  • Get Moving to Build Your Bones
  • 10 Ways You Can Reduce Your Risk of Falling
  • Feed Your Bones!
  • To D or Not to D? The Case for Supplements

HealthConnection, Spring 2012 - Pain Management Issue 
(download pdf)
  • The Pain Response: Nature's Warning System
  • Medical Tools for Managing Your Pain
  • The Culture of Pain
  • Mind Over Matter: The Psychology of Pain
  • Complementary Approaches to Pain Relief
  • Revive Your Spirit to Manage Your Pain

HealthConnection, Winter 2011 - Osteoarthritis 
(download pdf)
  • Living With Arthritis? Steps You Can Take to Manage It
  • Getting a Handle on Arthritis Pain
  • When It's Time to See a Doctor
  • Alternative Approaches to Arthritis Relief
  • Surgery for Arthritis: What are Your Options?
  • Physical Therapy: Help After Arthritis Surgery...And Before

HealthConnection, Spring 2011 - Osteoarthritis 
(download pdf)
HealthConnection, Spring 2010 - Total Joint Replacement 
(download pdf)
  • Total Hip Replacement: A Gold Standard of Treatment for Painful Arthritis
  • Trading Places: My Experience as a Patient
  • The Role of the Rheumatologist
  • Total Knee Replacement: What Patients Can Expect
  • FAQs for Total Joint Replacement

HealthConnection: Boletin de Salud del Hospital for Special Surgery 2010 (En Espanol/Spanish Edition) 
(ver este boletín/download pdf) 
  • Reemplazo Total de Cadera: El Estándar Dorado para el Tratamiento de la Artritis Dolorosa
  • Cambio de Roles: Mi Experiencia como Paciente
  • El Rol del Reumatólogo
  • Reemplazo Total de Rodilla: Lo que pueden Esperar los Pacientes
  • Preguntas Frecuentes sobre el Reemplazo Total de Articulaciones

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