Department of Biomechanics

Darrick Lo, M.Eng.

Design Engineer

Darrick Lo's interests in orthopaedics began at Cornell University under the guide of Professors Donald Bartel and Jeremy Rawlinson. Within a joint partnership program, Darrick served as a research assistant at the Hospital for Special Surgery. After completing his Masters Degree in Cornell Engineering, he returned to HSS to continue a full-time career as a Design Engineer in the Department of Biomechanics (Timothy Wright, PhD, Director). Since then, Darrick has helped integrate finite element analysis into the Device Development program, successfully completed the development of a unicondylar knee prosthesis, the BalanSys™ UNI (Mathys Medical Ltd., Switzerland), and is a co-developer of the Integrated™ Spine System (Ortho Development®, Utah).

Recent Publications

Goleski P, Warkentine B, Lo D, Gyuricza C, Kendoff D, Pearle AD. Reliability of Navigated Lower Limb Alignment in High Tibial Osteotomies. Am J Sports Med. 2008.

Kendoff D, Lo D, Goleski P, Warkentine B, O' Loughlin PF, Pearle AD. Open Wedge Tibial Osteotomies Influence on Axial Rotation and Tibial Slope. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2008.

Recent Presentations

Lo D. Patient Specific Instrumentation for Total Shoulder Arthroplasty. Materialise Innovation Conference. 2011

Lo D, Lipman J. Retrieval and Finite Element Analysis of Coonrad-Morrey Elbow Replacements. Tras Orthop Res Soc. 2009.

Lo D, Goleski P, Lipman J, Pearle A. Using CT Generated 3D Models to Measure the Bony Geometry and Mechanical Axes of the Lower Limb Before and After Performing a Computer Navigated Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy. Trans Orthop Res Soc. 2008.

Goleski P,Lo D, Gyuricza C, Warkentine B, Pearle A. Reliability of Image-Free Navigation to Monitor 3D Long Leg Alignment. Trans Orthop Res Soc. 2008.

Lo D, Lipman J, Furman B. Influence of a Unicondylar Knee Design on Joint Kinematics in a Knee Simulator. Trans Orthop Res Soc. 2004.

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