Department of Biomechanics

Dan Chen, MS

As a research engineer, Dan Chen was responsible for managing the Hospitalís Implant Retrieval Program and for conducting mechanical testing as part of the Mechanical and Materials Assessment Core of the Hospitalís NIH-sponsored Musculoskeletal Repair and Regeneration Core Center. Dan obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Rochester in 2005 in Biomedical Engineering concentrating in Mechanical Engineering. Dan then went to Cornell University for a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering, again with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering. Danís research work at Cornell University involved using micro-computed tomography and mechanical testing to characterize bone material and mechanical properties as affected by altered mineralization. After completing her masterís degree in 2007, Dan came to work in the Biomechanics Department of Hospital for Special Surgery.

Examples of projects:

1. Validation of MRI articular cartilage thickness measurements
2. Evaluation of the effects of Chrysalin for acceleration of tendon healing
3. Evaluation of cartilage surface damage
4. Assessment of wear on retrieved ceramic heads of hip implants
5. Assessment of wear on retrieved elbow implants
6. Assessment of wear on Synthes spinal discs

Recent Presentations

Chen D, Donnelly E, van der Meulen MCH. Role of altered mineralization on whole-bone structural behavior Annual BMES Symposium on Bone Mechanics. 2006

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