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Sustaining a World-Class Hospital

Clinical, Community, and Education Programs

Education has been at the forefront of the Hospital’s mission since 1888 when we trained our first residents, and these early traditions continue to influence present-day operations. Through lecture series, conferences, symposia, and a variety of other continuing professional education programs, HSS provides comprehensive educational opportunities for physicians, health care providers, and medical institutions from around the world. In recent years, the Hospital’s 150th Anniversary Symposium brought together noted historians, scientists, and health policy thought leaders to discuss the evolution of medicine; tackle major health care issues; offer innovative solutions for coming health care reform; and discuss advances in research that hold promise for transforming medicine. The Hospital is also committed to serving as “the most trusted educator” for patients, our community, health professionals, and the general public worldwide. Our clinical care programs keep our services aligned with patient needs, while our work in the community puts us in touch with underserved people of all ages.