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“Our mission is to be a source for outstanding initiatives in education, training, research and information for local, national and international communities to treat musculoskeletal conditions and enhance patient care.”

Research is viewed as a critical component in fostering ideal patient outcomes. Surgeons and scientists at the HSS Center for Brachial Plexus and Traumatic Nerve Injury collaborate to develop a basic science research program as a means to better understand and modulate peripheral nerve regeneration. In the Motion Analysis Laboratory, we will refine novel means to measure functional recovery and measure three dimensional upper extremity motion.

Articles By Our Physicians


Our clinical registries will incorporate a universal outcomes tool for the upper extremity that is in development at Hospital for Special Surgery. Investigational research on nerve imaging could potentially augment the diagnostic potential of clinicians. The synergy of a multispecialty team will establish an efficient mode for cultivating innovative ideas and concepts and bring them from bench to beside.

Published Manuscripts, 2014

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