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HSS Alumni

Who’s Who in the Alumni Association

Alumni Officers


Alumni Affairs Committee

Guides the strategic direction and vision for the Association

Alumni Meeting Planning Committee

Develops and plans the Annual Meeting

Alumni News Editorial Committee

Creates the biannual alumni publication

Finance Subcommittee of Alumni Affairs Advisory Committee

  • David B. Levine, MD, Director of Alumni Affairs, Chair
  • Lawrence V. Gulotta, MD, Sports Medicine & Shoulder Service 
  • Patrick V. McMahon, MD, Past Alumni President  
  • Douglas N. Mintz, MD, Past Secretary/Treasurer  
  • Martha O'Brasky, MPH, AVP, Education & Academic Affairs, Administrative Director  
  • Colleen O'Shea, MPA, Manager, Alumni Affairs  
  • Daniel S. Rich, MD, Associate Director of Alumni Affairs  
  • Thomas P. Sculco, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief 
  • Jon B. Wang, MD, 2011 Alumni President  
  • Thomas L. Wickiewicz, MD, Sports Medicine & Shoulder Service, Past Alumni President

Archives Committee

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Colleen O'Shea, MPA, Manager of Alumni Affairs and Dr. Jon B. Wang, 2011 Alumni Association President at Alumni Cocktail Reception at 2011 AAOS.

Dr. David B. Levine & Dr. Patrick V. McMahon at Alumni Cocktail Reception at 2010 AAOS


Dr. Thomas P. Sculco, Mrs. Rich and Dr. Daniel S. Rich at Alumni Cocktail Reception at 2010 AAOS